Stacy Mueller

Stacy Mueller


Stacy is a passionate, inspirational speaker. Her faith and story of hope is shared at Conferences, events and on the radio as the Host of "Life Happens" 93.7 FaithFM, the Inspiration Station.

Stacy believes in the importance of providing an interview platform for women of all ages, to share in a panel discussion style, sharing their stories of hope, which she calls...Women Inspiring Women. Together with her husband Dr. Derrick Mueller, they have written a book called, "Life Happens" which is regulary featured on CTS networks. Stacy previously served as the Canadian Director for Women In Leadership with the Canadian Christian Business Federation.

Stacy sees the common thread of ministry to women and sharing the impact that the ShareWord Global's ministry has made in her own personal testimony. Stacy shares the hope, "You are not alone, that God can make peace from all of the broken pieces."

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Stacey Mueller